Rake on racing cars refers to the angle at which the car’s body sits relative to the ground, with the front end being higher or lower than the rear end. A negative rake is when the front end of the car sits lower than the rear
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Aero balance of a race car?

How aerodynamic balance affects the behaviour of a race car? Aerodynamic balance refers to the distribution of downforce and lift (or negative lift) generated by the aerodynamic components of a race car. This includes the front and rear wings, underbody diffuser, and other bodywork components. An
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Interview Hydra and Chadmo

We have started preparing short but interesting interviews with the creators for you. The first part is with Hymo, which is composed of HYdra and ChadMO. Dáire “Hydra” McCormack: Q: Where do you live and race?A: I live in Ireland and I race in Assetto Corsa Competizione Q:
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