How to become creator?

How can you offer setups, coaching or livieris on Setsbase?

It’s quite simple!

1) Just create a profile, video tutorial is here:
2) You connect your new profile with your paypal and stripe accounts so that you get money from orders.
3) Add your products, video tutorial is here:

Then we just approved you as a vendor. We do this manually because I want to keep the level standard high and there is no guaranteed will be approved. If we have any doubts, we can send a request for references.

And that’s all for starting sales.


Fees are composed of two parts: a) Setsbase fee and b) fee for payment gateways. We as Setsbase take 9% of the order price. Stripe and Paypal payment gateways take their own fees and you can find their exact amount here – Stripe – Paypal –


In addition, we are preparing a free product function with the option to send donations to the creator. Of course, no one will pay anything to download the product for free.

Want to know more about it? Contact us!