Bentley 2018 Race & Qualy Bundle + WET SETUPS v 1.8.17+ Updated on 06.08.22 (American track pack!& SPA V3


!Important!, before buying register your account in setsbase in case there is any problem to be able to help you and edit the order.

Join the discord to be update!

-Keep an eye on my setsbase profile to be able to download updates as they are created.

-I try to offer good packs at affordable prices for all budgets and that everyone has the opportunity to improve.

-Bundle Updated on 04.05 for the last ACC update.  Maybe more updates coming for this car but it a fix for the new update.

-Promo pack! vers 1.8.14

-This bundle are ready of my own driving style. It has setup for the 19 assetto corsa competizione tracks. 

-they are ready for races with consistency and that it is not a very nervous car. average temperatures are Air 19º 32 Track.

-Perfect for LFM type races where you can run with the same camber and toe as in qualy.
-more than 5h by track to create the setup. Motec & RST to check all car data for the last version of ACC 1.8.14 Done with Spanish engineers.

-Updated on 15.04  possible toe configuration for all tracks. The old ones are kept in case kunos changes the physics.

-Updated on 15/04/2022 I have added a folder with useful information and links for help and preparation of races and some apps. It is more focused on not so professional drivers who need extra help in the simulator, and I am sure it will provide them with a lot of information that they did not know.

-Updated on 04.05.2022 All setups redone with the improvements we think work best for all tracks. Now you have Race & qualy setups all new. (The old setups are kept in a folder, they can work perfectly depending on the driving style of each driver)

-Updated on 21.05 Mount panoramaV3 Agressive version  for more experienced drivers. The other version is kept in the folder for you to decide which one best suits your Driving style.

-Updated on 30.05 Added Nurburgring V3 For different Driving styles(Ready For LFM)

-Updated on 12.06 Added Spa v3 Ready for lfm week 11

-Updated on 04.07.22  Added American trackpack Race & Qualy setups!

-Updated on 06.08 Spa V3 Race & Qualy vers 1.8.17

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.-Updates will be free in future updates (except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from 0 all the setups )

-Rain setups are included Heavy rain,wet,low donwforce, Low grip & Special wet spa setup

-Contact Discord > Jose López#9308 Email>  3 percent discount with my link in what in my opinion is the best app for acc, both for endurances and for solo races.

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April 1, 2022

Hello, thank you very much dear Jose. Your setups are very good and can be driven very safely. And they are still very fast. Thank you and best regards Michael Pirchheim LFM Rating 2168

April 17, 2022

Bentley is good enough in the rain, but with these settings you don’t have to worry about anything at all)) thanks Jose.
dry settings tried several tracks, was just as pleased

July 11, 2022

Muy buen pack de setup, Bentley es una bestia y con estas configuraciones ya es lo mas muy buenos recomendable 100X100

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