BMW 330i BTCC – Q&R Setups + Motec | Includes WET SETUP




Time: 0:45.884


Rubber: Heavy
Additional info: Race setups has enough fuel for a 25min race. Tyre compound is very driver dependant, hards are a safe option.

Try to:

Don’t try to take too much in T1. Brake early, get on the power early.
Brake late and get in deep into T2.
T3 is same story as T1. Back off early, to gain on exit. Use both the apex kerb and exit kerb.
Try to straight line the next section, use the entire track on the exit of the last corner and hug the inside on the s/f “straight”
Setup advice:

Lower rear ride height if struggling with oversteer.
Soften rear spring if needing more turn-in.
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