BMW 330i BTCC Setups+MoteC for Croft


BMW 330i BTCC Setups+MoteC for Croft


Time: 1.20.1


Rubber: Saturated
Additional info: Race setup has fuel and tires for a 30 min race. Making the tyres last is very difficult, minimise front slip angle to keep the temperatures down.


Try to:

  1. Get as close as possible to the tyres on apexes (obviously)
  2. Get your turning out of the way nice and early in Hawthorn and go flat out through the chicane.
  3. Jim Clark esses are flat out, just turn in early enough to avoid understeer.
  4. Barcroft itself is flat out too, but you need to back off a bit before the apex, otherwise you’ll outbrake yourself into Sunny In.
  5. Small confidence lift right as you turn into Sunny Out.
  6. Apex very late in the hairpin, exit is everything.

Setup advice:

  1. Stiffen front arb to help with entry-mid oversteer
  2. Lower rear ride height if the car is too oversteery in high speed

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