BMW M8 GTE – Monza Q+R Setups + MoteC


BMW M8 GTE Setups+MoteC for Monza


Time: 1:44.806


Rubber: Heavy

Additional info: Race setup is saved for a 45min race configuration (full tank for the start and aprox. 39L in the pits)

Try to:

  1. Be carefull at the Lesmos – car is on the edge with slip angle. Don’t try to override the car, smoothly apply the thrtottle and don’t overturn!
  2. Brake hard to T1, you can have small lock-ups on your Q lap
  3. Focus on the exits, especially here at Monza. BMW isn’t the best on traction so it will be very important.

Try to:

  1. If struggling with entry oversteer decrease rear ride height
  2. Increase TC Cut and Slip if struggling with traction in the chicanes.

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