Ferrari 488 EVO Bundle Setup Race & Qualy setups v1.8.21+ Updated on 02.03.23 Barcelona V3


Introducing the ultimate simracing package – the Ferrari 488 EVO Bundle Setup Race & Qualy setups! This premium package is designed for serious simracers who want to experience the thrill of driving a high-performance Ferrari 488 EVO in a virtual racing environment.

With its unbeatable price of just 16€, this package is a steal compared to the competition. Not only that, it includes all the necessary accessories and circuits to cater to all types of simracers, from beginners to professionals.

The Ferrari 488 EVO is an incredible machine that provides an unparalleled driving experience, and with our comprehensive race and qualifiction setups, you can experience the true essence of competitive racing. The package is tailored to provide a smooth and responsive driving experience, allowing you to push the car to its limits and explore the capabilities of the Ferrari 488 EVO in a safe and exciting way.

The Ferrari 488 EVO Bundle Setup Race & Qualy setups is perfect for those looking to take their simracing experience to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this package is sure to provide hours of entertainment and a true-to-life racing experience.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own the Ferrari 488 EVO Bundle Setup Race & Qualy setups. Order yours today and start experiencing the thrill of high-performance racing from the comfort of your own home!.

! Important!, before buying, register your account in setsbase in case there is any problem to be able to help you and edit the order.

Join the discord to be updated!

-Keep an eye on my setsbase profile to be able to download updates as they are created.

-I try to offer good packs at affordable prices for all budgets and that everyone has the opportunity to improve.

-remember is not a perfect setup, and you will always have to make small adjustments to your driving.

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.-Updates will be free in future updates (except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from 0 all the setups)

-Bundle Updated at 3/04/2022 for the new acc version. (more updates are possible as we discover more things from the update)

-This bundle is ready for my own driving style. It has setup for the 19 assetto corsa competizione tracks

-they are ready for races with consistency and that it is not a very nervous car. Average temperatures are Air 22º 28 Track.

-Perfect for LFM type races

-more than 5h by track to create the setup. Motec & RST to check all car data for the last version of ACC 1.8.21 Done with Spanish engineers.

-Updated on 18/04/2022 I have added a folder with useful information and links for help and preparation of races and some apps. It is more focused on not so professional drivers who need extra help in the simulator, and I am sure it will provide them with a lot of information that they did not know.

-Updated on 18.04 Added Barcelona & Brands hatch, alternative versions (The previous versions are kept)

-Updated on 11.05. Added SPA & Zandvoort Race & qualy setups V2 Previous version still in folder.

-Updated on 20.05. Added Paul Ricard & Mount Panorama v2 Race & qualy setups.

-Updated on 30.05. Added Nurburgringv2 Race & Qualy & Kyalamiv2 Race & V2 version ready for LFM

-Updated on 05.06 Barcelona v2 and Race & qualy added to the bundle. Ready for LFM week 11

-Updated on 12.06 Spa V3 Race & Qualy setups

-Updated on 03.07 COTA V1! Ready for LFM

-Updated on 07.07 Indianapolis & Donnington V2 Race & Qualy setups (Watkins Coming)

-Updated on 08.07 Watkins Glen Race & Qualy setups

-Updated on 11.07 Suzuka Improved version Race & Qualy

-Updated on 17.07 Added Imola V2 Race & Qualy Setups

-Updated on 01.08 Snetterton V2 Race & Qualy setups

-Updated on 06.08 Silverstone v2 Race & Qualy

-Updated on 28.08 Silverstone & Suzuka wet setups

-Updated on 19.09 Monza V2 Race + Qualy

-Updated on 02.10 Most of the setups except those of the latest updates have been modified and adapted to the latest version of acc. Now all the circuits have Qualy and race setup. They have been worked to offer the highest performance in one of the most balanced and strongest cars in the game.

-Updated on 25.11 Kyalami V3 Dry R+Q

-Updated on 19.12 Suzuka V3 R+Q

-Updated on 18.01 Spa V4 R+Q

-Updated on 05.02.23 Imola V4 R+Q

-Updated on 08.02.23Watkins V2 R+Q

-Updated on 02.03.23 Barcelona V4 R+Q

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.-Updates will be free in future updates (except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from 0 all the setups)

-Contact Email>

The Jose López LFM Team :  3 percent discount with my link on what, in my opinion, is the best app for acc, both for endurance and for solo races.

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Ryota Moriya
Ryota Moriya
April 3, 2022

Japanese user review.

After, bump-stop and Bumper specification have been changed.
I was really confusing about it. However this setup helps to solve that problem.
Very stable and fast setup.
I tried SPA setthing, and I got 2.17.3 with this setup at Track 23° Course 28° in AOR Hotlap server.
I think it is very reasonable that you can get all tracks setup with 11.99 dollars, which is made elaborately.

April 26, 2022

I was looking for a 1.8.13 setup. Finally I can handle the Curbs a little bit better than before. The setup was very stabile.

May 8, 2022

Setup is very stable. Needed small help from the seller. He responded in few minutes.

June 18, 2022

I don’t love the Ferrari, but I had to drive it, these setups brightened up the ride, and even changed my opinion on this car a little, thanks

July 5, 2022

amazing car and even better setups for this new American DLC
July 6, 2022

configuraciones perfectas, no soy de los mas rápidos en ACC, pero he conseguido pelear he incluso ganar ya varias carreras con estos reglajes. Gracias José sigue así.

Alexander Amor
Alexander Amor
July 8, 2022

Totalmente reconmendado los setup de Jose, aparte de responder cualquier duda rapidamente.

July 26, 2022

Incredible work by José López, some setup, adjusted to my driving style, and you can always count on his support.

Increible trabajo el de José López, unos setup, ajustados a mi forma de conducir, y siempre puedes contar su apoyo.

August 4, 2022

Very good setups!! You will only need to make slight changes to fit your driving style. I screen-sniped some setups from Jardier and Samir Foch for the Ferrari which didn’t fit driving style…couldn’t keep the tires. These setup felt instantly better from the first outlap! I can get much more tire life out of these setups plus I’m usually faster because I’m not sliding the car.

August 19, 2022

Not as good as I had hoped.

Oscar Actis
Oscar Actis
September 3, 2022

Excelente trabajo. Setup muy estable sin resignar velocidad. Altamente recomendable los trabajos de José, muy contento con las sensaciones que transmite el auto apenas lo empezas a usar. Gracias totales desde Argentina

October 4, 2022

Before acquiring setups, I checked other websites and decided to buy Jlopez’s, I had a problem with the link and I contacted him and in a short time everything was solved. For 13 euros above it includes the updates when others charge everything separately. The latest update of the Ferrari is simply impressive. Thanks.

jesus jimenez
jesus jimenez
October 5, 2022

Grande Jose por los setup, 100% recomendable, fiables y gran cofiguracion.
December 24, 2022

I’m new to ACC and found the in-game setups difficult to drive. I purchased the Ferrari Evo setups and wow what a difference! I’ve only done a few tracks so far but the car now feels so much more stable, and now I can push harder, truly amazing setups. Thanks again to Jose for these, and the on line support you have given.

Willy Lleonart
Willy Lleonart
January 19, 2023

Como siempre un servicio de 10. Setup imprescindible

February 21, 2023

I cannot thank enough Jesus for this setups, no matter the car, they’re all wonderful. You probably won’t be the fastest on track, but for sure you’lle be very very constant. That’s a big win. 10/10.

Gracias Jesús por el currazo con los setups. Un 10 macho. La constancia que se gana te hace ser mucho más seguro y, con práctica, más rápido.

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