Ferrari 488 GTE – Q&R Setups + Motec


Time: 1:54.3


Rubber: Saturated
Additional info: Race setup has fuel for a 45 min race.

Try to: 

  1. Don’t touch the apex kerb T1. Use a lot of the apex kerb in T2
  2. Make sure you get all the way to the left before braking into T8.
  3. Careful with braking into T10, the car is unstable.
  4. Try straddling the the entry kerb into T11. It has less grip, so it’s easier to lock up under initial braking, but it gains more time by opening up the line into the corner.
  5. Don’t use the exit kerb in the last corner, focus on getting a good exit.
  6. You can straddle the exit kerb of T4 and T14, just make sure you don’t go too wide and invalidate the lap.
  7. Make sure you don’t overturn the wheel and in effect overheat the left front in T12. It’s flat out, but can kill the tyres.

Setup advice: 

  1. Reduce rear packer/rear ride height if the car is too unstable on entry (especially into T10), but be aware the car will be a lot more understeery in T12.
  2. Try using lower TC (all of them), especially for qualy.

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