Gold pack Race & Qualy Setups Special Promo pack Updated on 02.08 Last setup updates + AUDI EVO2 FOR FREE


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-Keep an eye on my setsbase profile to be able to download updates as they are created.

-Here is the Gold pack

-The pack includes race and Qualy setups for all tracks.

-I have added a folder with useful information and links for help and preparation of races and some apps. It is more focused on not so professional drivers who need extra help in the simulator, and I am sure it will provide them with a lot of information that they did not know.

-remember is not a perfect setup and you will always have to make small adjustments to your driving.

in continuous development

-they are ready for races with consistency and that it is not a very nervous car. average temperatures are Air 19º 32 Track.

-Perfect for LFM type races

-Updated on 06.07 Last setup updated available to donwload!

-Updated on 02.08 Added The Audi EVO2 & Last setup updates to the bundle!

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.-Updates will be free in future updates (except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from 0 all the setups )

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June 21, 2022

A pack that contains the setups made by José Lopez for the cars that I usually use in ACC.
I can tell you that I am a rookie with many vices caught on the console due to lack of time and dedication and now that I have that time and dedication, thanks to these setups that Jose gave us, I have improved an average of 2 seconds per lap, in some cases almost 3 seconds.
If I have been able to improve those times, the person who has aptitude and aptitude for this hobby and sport such as Simracing, will make their times better, even if it is only one tenth, but that tenth is the one that can give them the pole and climb to the top of the podium.


Un pack que contiene los setup hechos pos José Lopez para los coches que suelo usar en ACC.
Os puedo decir que soy un novato con muchos vicios cogidos en consola por falta de tiempo y dedicacion y ahora que dispongo de ese tiempo y dedicacion, gracias a estos setup que nos brind Jose, he mejorado una media de 2 segundos por vuelta, en algunos casos casi 3 segundos.
Si yo he sido capaz de mejorar esos tiempo, la persona que tenga aptitud y adtitud para este hobby y deporte como es el Simracing, hará que sus tiempos sean mejores, aunque solo sea un decima, pero esa decima es la que le puede otorgar la pole y subir a los mas alto del podio.

July 2, 2022

I love these setups, although I am very new, they have made me improve, so in the beginning, between two and three seconds in my time. Phenomental work by Jose López Setups.
Miguel Vacas.

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