Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO Setup Pack Vers 1.8.17+ (Special price) Updated 30.07 American track pack! & Kyalami v3


!Important!, before buying register your account in setsbase in case there is any problem to be able to help you and edit the order.

Join the discord to be update!

-Keep an eye on my setsbase profile to be able to download updates as they are created.

-Special Promo bundle Price! For the mercedes until 20 April. I try to offer good packs at affordable prices for all budgets and that everyone has the opportunity to improve.

-Suzuka,Bathurst and Nururgring are Setups from They are world championship setups.

-Bundle Updated at 4/04/2022 for the new acc version.(more updates are possible as we discover more things from the update)


-This bundle are ready of my own driving style. It has setup for the 19 assetto corsa competizione tracks + 2 setups by track with 2 different configs(Try both)

-remember is not a perfect setup and you will always have to make small adjustments to your driving.

-they are ready for races with consistency and that it is not a very nervous car. average temperatures are Air 19º 32 Track.

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.-Updates will be free in future updates (except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from 0 all the setups )

-Updated on 18/04/2022 I have added a folder with useful information and links for help and preparation of races and some apps. It is more focused on not so professional drivers who need extra help in the simulator, and I am sure it will provide them with a lot of information that they did not know.

-Updated on 18.04 Kyalami V2 

-Updated on 14.05 Addes Suzuka & Mount panorama v2 versions.

-Updated on 12.06 Added SpaV2 Race & Qualy setups

-Updated on 2.07 Added COTA V1 Race & Qualy Setups (Ready for lfm)

-Updated on 04.07 Added Indianapolis & Watkins Race & Qualy setups

-Updated on 30.07 Added kyalami Alternative Version Race & Qualy setups

-future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack.

-Perfect for LFM type races.

-more than 5h by track to create the setup. Motec & RST to check all car data for the last version of ACC 1.8.13 Done with Spanish engineers.

-Contact Discord > Jose López#9308 Email>  -3 percent discount with my link in what in my opinion is the best app for acc, both for endurances and for solo races.

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April 6, 2022

I`m satisfied with this setup and his respond. good setup & nice guy.

April 13, 2022

Awesome Setups.
Extremly diffrent Settings approach from other Setups I saw.
But also ALOT better.
Its absolutly worth the Price 10/10!

May 17, 2022

Bathurst Setup Review

Perfect For Me – Dont drive the merc & hate bathurst. Just your normal run of the mill driver
Jose was very accommodating and happy to answer my questions, thank you sir.
Ok as i said i hate bathurst with a passion and i dont drive the merc but it thought this would give a fair example of how the setup would go on a track and in a car im not use too.

I also brought HYMO AMG bathurst setup as i have no idea which i would prefer. HYMO for me was good i liked it, scary and loose as hell imo and i felt i would need a little more time to adjust i would find it hard to be consistent without more practice but still a great setup.

(My driving style is lets face it shit) it was not the setup!!

Now this setup, felt great, stable, well planted and extremely confidence inspiring on a track that requires max concentration to stay off the concrete walls. im thinking why am i slow what the difference between the 2 setups. it was just the driver, i called a friend and said im interested in getting some jose setups but this feels slow can you give it a quick go and see if its just me.
Yes its just you he replied.
i knew i could get low 2.03’s consistently i know this is nothing special when others are getting way faster, but doing this on a full tank with a 100 litres no changes i thought was awesome. going over the top of the mountain with a slight lift into skyline to get the car to turn in felt amazing. thank you sir much appreciated you saved me many hours.

As i try the rest i will add my thoughts but im sure ill be extremely satisfied, thx again.
June 28, 2022

Awesome Setups
If u prefer a stable and understeer then this is the pack for u.
Rmb to hv a smooth driving style (works best with this setup)
Gain around a second in laptimes for Spa , before 2:20s to now 2:19s 😀
Amazing seller, responds quickly and constant updates for the setups put the cherry on top . Amazing!!!!

Bruno Yamamoto
Bruno Yamamoto
July 3, 2022

Very good setup and support from Jose Lopez.
I recommend

July 5, 2022

Perfect for the American tracks💪💪💪
July 6, 2022

magnifica configuración, dos segundos mínimo mas rápido que con la configuración agresiva del juego y que decir del precio, vamos que nos los quitan de las manosss. Gracia José por estos magnificos setups

July 19, 2022

This is one of the cars that I was wanting to drive in some of the lower leagues and I always struggled to get the best out of the car.

With Jose set up i got my first ever 2:19 on Spa. Now this might seem easy but I really struggled until I got these set ups.

Thank You

August 1, 2022

I really like setups. I only tried just Nurburgring, but it was awesome. I just increased TC and ABS, but overall stable setups. Looking forward to try another tracks/setups. It’s a pity that I only understand a 1/3 of the setups. Thanks.

August 1, 2022

Really good setups. Oh, and that additional infos are amazing (folders, Motec, Infos, Softwares,…) Really thanks.

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