Mercedes EVO GT3 Mount Panorama E-Sports Setup


This setup for Mount Panorama is an E-sports ready setup that may or may not be tough for you to drive.


This all depends on how you drive and is made in v1.8.17 version of the game.


This setup comes with a Qualifying spec and a Race spec file with Motec file of the lap.


The setup is made for 22C 28C. For other temps just adjust the tires PSI slightly.


I hope you all enjoy our setup and there will be more to come!


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks and enjoy!

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May 17, 2022

Purchased a couple Bathurst setups. this is my review based on the following.
I Hate Bathurst.
I don’t drive the Merc.
My theory is I don’t have the bad habits I have at other tracks in cars I like to drive so i should be able to feel what the car and setup feel like better imo.
The setup is loose and you need to be very careful at times, quite hard to drive but i was easily able to produce consistent low/mid 203’s and i felt i could shave another second quite easily. So im not fast by any means.
With more practice i would get use to this setup
So straight out of the box i can recommend giving Hymo a go if you want to save some time and not go through the setup process. thankyou kindly.

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