ORECA 07 LMP2 LE MANS Q+R Setups + MoteC


Oreca 07 LMP2 Setups+MoteC for Le Mans


Rubber: Saturated
Time: Q-3.22.464
Onboard: https://youtu.be/R9jQqV84vkM

Package: Le Mans
Additional info: (LFM) Fuel and tires for 45 minutes race (you need to refuel, keep tires). First stint FL+6 laps (you can use approx., 7.69) second one 7 laps, you need to use 7.14 per lap. Use race lean mixture and try to save by doing lift and coast at main straights or use safety car mixture at sector 3

Try to:

Practice a lot chicanes in S2. You can gain a lot if you will keep fast entry and fast exit.
Use TC4 for Porsche corners in S3
Keep focus on the exits. Le Mans is the track where you have one corner and looooooooooooooong straights
Setup advice:

Setup at Le Mans is made by choice:
a) I want to go fast everywhere and try to survive b) I will be little bit slower but easy at Indianapolis. This is b) option 🙂
If you want more rotation go higher rear RH
Don’t touch too much camber and toe – it will affect your top speed.

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