PORSCHE 911 GT3 NORDSCHLEIFE Q+R Setups+MoteC for Nordschleife – Endurance


Time: 7.45.1

Onboard: https://youtu.be/2QP3hZ4Zvrc

Rubber: Saturated
Additional info: Race setup is saved for an LFM 60 min race, you need to save fuel on formation lap. It is possible to race on softs, if you are pushing too much, try mediums or save tires.

Try to:

Anticipate oversteer – Porsche is very hard to control, especially at high-speed corners off-throttle.
Brake on straight wheels, as slip-angle in this car may kill you 🙂
Take most slow corners on -V style (hard braking, turning wheels, applying full throttle on almost straight wheels)
Setup advice:

Try more wing if you are still struggling with rear-end
Use TC3 for first half of the Q lap and TC4 for the rest
Be gentle in the race to save as much tires as you can
Race setup is really understeery at the begginig. If it’s too much for you go lower wing (but after 50 % of the it’s hard to control the rear)
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