Tatuus FT-60 Setups+MoteC For Jerez GP including WET SETUP




Time: 1:32.089

Onboard DRY: https://youtu.be/mOFfKseRpx4

Onboard WET: https://youtu.be/Iw9ZUNlSxIo


Rubber: Heavy
Additional info: Race setups has enough fuel for a 20 min race.


Try to:

  1. Don’t brake on the kerb into T2, easy to lock up.
  2. Apex late in slow speeed corner to avoid picking up the throttle with high steering angle. Otherwise the car can be snappy.
  3. T3, T4, T11 and T12 are all flat out.
  4. It’s tricky and requires practice, but back off before you see the apex kerb in T5, avoid understeering wide on exit.
  5. Straddle the entry kerb into last corner to open it up.
  6. Try to treat T9-T10 as one continuos corner as much as possible.

Setup advice:

  1. Increase front wing to help with high speed oversteer if you are comfortable with the car.
  2. Soften rear ARB if the car is too oversteery.

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