January 29, 2023

Rake on racing cars refers to the angle at which the car’s body sits relative to the ground, with the front end being higher or lower than the rear end. A negative rake is when the front end of the car sits lower than the rear end, while a positive rake is when the front end sits higher than the rear end. In most cases, race cars use negative rake. Positive rake is usually used in cases of very fast tracks where low drag is to be preferred over downforce.

Rake is important in determining the aerodynamic balance of a race car, as it affects the distribution of downforce and lift across the car. In simracing, rake can be adjusted as part of the virtual setup, allowing drivers to fine-tune their car’s performance to match their driving style and the characteristics of the track. A well-raked setup is crucial in simracing, as it can greatly impact a race car’s performance and behavior on track.

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