Porsche 991 RSR GTE Q&R Setups+MoteC for Sebring




Time: 1.57.1

Rubber: Saturated

Additional info: Race setup is saved for an LFM 45min race configuration (full tank (46L in LFM) for the start and aprox. 36L in the pits)

Video: https://youtu.be/d1sRCFhZJGU


Try to:


The car is very difficult to drive. It has to be very on the nose mid corner to have any kind of rotation on exit. Try to man-handle the thing.

Drive it deep into T1 and last corner, correct any oversteer on the way.

Slight front locking on the bumps especially into the hairpin is a fast way of driving in qualy. Avoid in the race.

Use the mid corner rotation to point the car straighter on exit. It doesn’t turn as well when you start getting on the power.

Setup advice:


Try moving brake bias a bit rearwards, especially on a qualy lap.

If you can’t live with the oversteer, detach rear ARB.

If now it’s too understeery on exits, stiffen the rear spring.

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